I currently work as a primary care physician with a full office
practice; you can often find me in the wee hours of the morning
delivering a baby. To date, I have delivered over 2500 babies.
You may ask, if this guy is so busy delivering babies and seeing
pregnant women and newborns … why the book?

Well, besides my excellent linguistic skills and my hopes of
making a fortune from writing My First Book, I recognize that all
pregnant women seem to ask the same questions. I often feel that
I sound like a broken answering machine, responding to the same
questions again and again.
Most of the women I see are concerned parents-to-be who
want to be as well educated as possible. I support their quest in
finding out as much as they can.

There is a wealth of overwhelming information available on
pregnancy, and so many books on the subject. It’s my belief that
even the bestsellers have too much redundant information; prospective
parents can get lost without finding the pertinent and salient
issues. It can be both overwhelming and confusing.

So I have mustered up my energy to write this book so that it ALL makes sense.

Here are the issues that I believe are key.
Here’s the meat, without all the gravy. I hope that by trimming
away the excess information that is often so confusing, I can help
you through your pregnancy, and eliminate any misunderstandings
and fears you may have as you progress on your journey towards
the birth of your child.

I would also like to explain my choice of book title. I believe
that once you have fallen pregnant it changes your life forever. It
has an effect that leads from one chapter of your life into an exciting
new one. The circle of pregnancy is also indicative of the
circle of intimacy that is created both within your family circle
in addition to your circle of close friends, due to this pregnancy.
The circle that is created forms a new beginning for you, your
partner and your immediate family. The concept of a circle also
brings a concept of stages, from the time that the thought of falling
pregnant occurs to conception and then to the stages of pregnancy.
From here we move into the next stages which include labour, delivery,
the newborn, and perhaps the idea of further pregnancies