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NEWLY PREGNANT… So You’re Pregnant … Now What? Yahoo! The home pregnancy test turns out to be positive! You are finally pregnant, and now after waiting patiently you are seeing the doctor who delivers babies. You can hardly wait to hear all the things that you will need. But instead, you are sitting in front of a doctor who congratulates you … and then tells you to come back when you are 12 weeks pregnant for your first prenatal exam. You are shocked! There must be more to this visit! Perhaps your doctor doesn’t understand what’s going on! The...

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Circle of Pregnancy

Dr Darryl Ableman is a primary-care physician specializing in obstetrics and paediatrics. He is father of four and has delivered more than 2500 babies over a period of 20 years. Dr Ableman has now opened his new clinic Foothills Medical Clinic  in Burke Mountain. Foothills Medical Clinic operates 7 days a week.  We are accepting new patients and hope to see walk-in patients as...

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